Monday, June 28, 2010


I have a tumblr which I use way more. So join me over here! I plan to make a professional one for my writing soon. At the moment it's just a mix of my personal life and work :)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gingers have souls!

What do you get when you get a camera, and a very angry ranga? You get an internet meme.

Lucky for all you red haired kids out there, Coppercab has your best interests at heart. This internet meme was created when one very angry young lad, sick of the taunts of his red hair, decided to film himself ranting about this issue and achieved instant youtube fame.

From january 2010, this video has recieved over 6 million views, and spurred an enormous youtube reaction of others parodying the creator, with South Park even doing a spoof of the original video.

As is the nature of meme's, this video took on a life of it's own, with not just other youtube users mocking the creator, but stealing his footage and making changes to it. An example of this is the 'Gingers Have Souls - rap' video another individual uploaded, taking phrases from the original and placing music in the background to make a song out of it.

Being the subject of this meme, just like the starwars kid was probably not beneficial for this young man in the end. While he did get a notorious fame out of it, in the end he copped more mockery than accolades. Many 'Gingers do NOT have souls' videos using the original footage to make a mockery out of the creator, were uploaded onto youtube, many recieving thousands of hits. In the case of this video, the original rant was used but was teamed with sad music in the background and the following description:

"Martin Luther King, John Lennon, Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela and now we have CopperCab, aka Fat Ginger Kid"

Whether you see the original video and the spoofs taken from it as funny, insulting or just plain wrong, what cannot be denied is the absolute power that such public sites can hold. Thanks youtube - you provided the lulz.


- coppercab 2010, 'GINGERS DO HAVE SOULS!!'

- South Park 2010 'People call me ginger (gingers have souls)'

- leouchLamperouge78 2010, 'Gingers have souls rap'

- dlofqvist88 2010 'Gingers do not have souls!'

Sunday, March 21, 2010

They are the band that make Good Girls Go Bad, the band that are bringing sassy back, and the band that claim Pete Wentz is the only reason why they are famous. Selling out the Roundhouse, Cobra Starship proved they aren’t all talk, putting on an amazing live show.

Sydney band Amy Meredith were first to hit the stage, and got the crowd warmed up straight away with their infectious brand of rock-pop. Highlights included their successful single ‘Porn Star.’ Keep an eye out for this band, they are impressive to see live.

The restless crowd got excited spotting Cobra Starship singer Gabe Saporta up on the balcony, in between bands.

Owl City were the next act to hit the stage. The synthpop style musical project of Adam Young, has been growing in popularity over the last couple months, helped along by the hugely popular hit song ‘Fireflies.’ Accompanied by a tour band, with instruments including violins and a cello, Owl City proved they are just as good live as they are on their record. While Amy Meredith had the crowd dancing, Owl City had them captivated by their unique sound. Once again, would highly recommend seeing them live. Young himself does a great job as front-man, in a quirky, earnest way.

After a great live set from Owl City, it was time to wait for the band of the night. Dance music was pumped throughout the venue to keep energy and spirits up, with some people getting a little too excited and having to be carried out of the mosh. The time then finally came for Cobra Starship to enter, to thunderous applause and cheers. Launching straight into it with ‘The City Is At War’ the energy and excitement was high from the word go.

Cobra played a great setlist, with songs from all three albums. Highlights included ‘Snakes On A Plane (bring it)’ the first song ever written by the band, ‘The Church Of Hot Addiction’ and title track of their latest album ‘Hot Mess.’ Gabe Saporta was ever so charismatic as front man, and had the crowd wrapped around his finger (as well as getting violently groped when he made his way into the crowd by overly excited teenage girls.)

The band proved their versatility, playing songs like ‘Kiss My Sass’ (a song that has absolutely no guitar work in it whatsoever) and the slightly Latin themed ‘Smile For The Paparazzi.’ Overall they put on a fantastic and highly entertaining live show. Gabe’s banter with the crowd and with the other band members on stage creates an almost intimate feeling, and demonstrates the band is having as much fun as the audience is.

After a great setlist, the band ran off to thunderous shouts of ‘one more song’ and ‘cobra.’ They returned minutes later, to launch into not one encore song but two, ending on the song they are most popular for ‘Good Girls Go Bad.’ Overall if you like their music, you’d love their live show – straight up, unashamed, catchy and oh so worth the money spent. Fangs up!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sundance Kids @ The Harp, Wollongong, 11/03/2010

If you haven't heard of The Sundance Kids chances are you will know them soon.

The up and coming Australian band, are on the ‘Burn So Bright’ tour, the third single from their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Fall Into Place.’ []

Having toured with bands such as All American Rejects , Hoobastank, Evermore, End Of Fashion, and upcoming shows with The Fray, The Sundance Kids are well on the way to carving a name for themselves.

With a distinctive sound, described by Tyson Ritter (All American Rejects) as ‘Jeff Buckley pop’ the boys didn’t disappoint with their live show. They played with an amazing energy, covering the majority of songs on the album, as well as a sneak peek into some new material. Highlights included ‘Starting Today’ (personal favourite), ‘Solutions’ ‘Drive Away’ and ‘Small Moments’ dedicated to all those lovers out in the audience.

What the boys do make clear during their performance, is the passion they have for playing their music. With big smiles on their faces constantly, it’s refreshing to know bands out there that are 100% enthusiastic to get their music out towards the general public, while maintaining a realness, not always seen by bands on the path to fame.

I would highly recommend if The Sundance Kids are ever playing in a town near you (chances are they very well may be) to go check them out. You won’t regret it.

For a sneak peek at some songs, head to

EP review - Sunday Waits

Having witnessed an energetic show from local Wollongong band Sunday Waits, who supported the Sundance Kids on their 'Burn So Bright' tour at The Harp, Wollongong, I picked up a copy of their 6 track EP, after being impressed with the talent displayed by their live show.

The self titled EP, displays the talented song writing from band members Emily Fedele, Dylan Peters and Holly Peters. The EP is a carefully put together mix of catchy pop songs, and more mellow, soulful sounding ballads.

What Sunday Waits have achieved in the creation of the EP, is inventive and toe tapping music, that flows together seamlessly with the thoughtful and poignant lyrics.

Highlight songs include 'The Other Side', 'Home' and 'As I Did.' With all members displaying great talent both instrumentally and vocally, Sunday Waits are a band to keep an eye on. I would definetely recommend giving them a listen, or checking them out at a live show when the opportunity calls. Highly recommended for fans of artists like Ben Lee and Brooke Fraser.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Celebrity Spotlight - Suri Cruise

Okay even I feel ridiculous putting a 'celebrity' spotlight on a 3 year old girl. But something has got to give here.
As I google the name Suri Cruise, it shows to have about 1, 610, 000 results pop up. For a three year old girl. She has her own fashion blog written about her. She has youtube videos. She has thousands of photos. She has her own wikipedia page.
What is the fascination here? Sure, she's a cute kid. Yes her parents are famous. Yes she is paraded around, and probably the most fashionable three year old around. But how did this happen? Is it her parents fault for constantly having her in the public eye? But then how can they avoid that as they themselves are also in the public eye? But then AGAIN, other parents manage to keep their kids out of the media and papparazzi craziness - not completely, but to a certain extent.
Everytime I open up the latest Womans Day, New Idea etc, there is always an article with a photo of young Suri cruise. Even if the article isn't specifically about her, and more aimed at her parents (divorce, another baby, scientology battles, you name it, it's written) somehow, a photo of Suri is always managed to be snuck in there.
Many people disagree over TomKats parenting style for Suri. Remember the controversy when she was out and about wearing high heels? Many people were disturbed. Others claimed 'who didn't play dress up's when they were younger?' Sure dress ups is one thing, but constantly being snapped by papparazzi wherever you go wearing little high heels made for a 3 year old is a whole different ballgame.
I'm just simply curious to see what happens to Suri as she matures and gets older. At the moment, the publicity around her is annoying, because there are only so many things you can constantly say about a three year old girl who is oblivious to the fact she is already a celebrity. However judging by the majority of the photos splashed around magazines and the web, Suri seems like quite a happy and cheerful child. Only time will tell if the fame game has hit her to early...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Two songs;

Ever heard a song, one you can never get sick of, one that reaches down right into you, makes you want to cry or laugh, makes you feel happy, makes you feel complete, gives something purpose, or just for that simple 4 minutes, you cannot focus on anything else but that song/music flowing through your veins?

It may sound weird, but this is the effect I have on me when I listen to two certain songs.

1) Strings - The Getaway Plan

As soon as I hear Matthews vocals on the opening 'Draw these strings tight' there is no point in talking to me. I am completely lost within myself. Every chord, every lyric, every vocal I am in a transfixed daze as I listen to it. Sometimes I want to cry. Sometimes I just want to play it so loud so that the whole world can hear it. I sit and wait for the climax of the song, listening to it build up. (Okay I realise now it sounds like I'm talking about sex. But yes my ears do orgasm)
My favourite line 'Words exploding just like poems, carve them in stone so that our love can't be torn apart'
Then that slight pause before Matthews vocals burst out with 'And I...will wait...for nothing...for you' reaches right down inside me, like it's touching my soul. I know how completely ridiculous this could sound, but it's the effect this song has on me. For that 4 minutes, I am not thinking of any life dramas, of anyone, of anything, but the sheer brilliance of the song. Sometimes when it finishes I play it again, just to have another 4 minutes of being completely lost within the music, so that the rest of the world fades away.

2) Famous Last Words - My Chemical Romance

What this song does to me is slightly different. It has more meaning to my life. I remember one day, age 16/17 just being so absolutely desparate. I had no idea who I was, where I was going. Dragging myself out of bed was almost too much effort. Life was shit so to say.
One day I snapped myself out of it. Then another day, not to long after I got myself together I listened to this song. Sure I had heard it before, but I had never really listened. This time I really listened. The defiance in the song, the passion and the strong message and anthem of 'I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone' became my motto and lifted me up. Everytime from then on, when I've felt annoyed, pissed off, scared, angry with life, I blast this song, and for some reason it clears my head, and gives me direction. Not only that, it energises me again. By the end of the song, I feel I can take on the world and win. From then on, Famous Last Words, and the lyrics and message behind the song has been my life motto.

I understand to some, who aren't as passionate about music and what it can give us are going to find this a) Stupid or b) hard to understand.
But the one thing I love about music, is what else it can give some of us. Sure it's easy just to listen to a song and enjoy it. But when you REALLY listen to a song, it can bring out so much more. Love, hope, passion, awe, hidden messsages and strength.

So at the end of the day, no matter how tough life gets, I have music to get me through. And especially these two songs.